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Pass your driving test quickly with bananas driver training, driving lessons to suit. Hamiltons driver training is only one of a handful of training companies in the east of england offering ambulance driver training. Download course information lgv, pcv, cpc driver training in bristol, weston super mare, swindon, and the south west area. Lgv c1 ambulance paramedic driver training tockwith training. As previously mentioned, the specialised training services hgv training centre offers top quality, intensive ambulance driver training. Choose mk driver training and get on the road to a new career. Ambulance driving provides the learner with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to drive a range of patient care ambulance vehicles safely and commensurate with patient comfort and vehicle empathy.

Kim driver training reading hgv lgv commercial driver training. Category c1 mgv lgv hgv training runs from our site in stowmarket, suffolk and tests are taken at the dvsa test centre in ipswich. C1 driver training course exeter devon nhs paramedic. Driver training is the foundation stone of all of the training that we do for new staff coming into the trust. Western driver training has a reputation for delivering top quality driver training at affordable prices. Find and apply today for the latest temporary c1 driver jobs like hgv class 1 driver, class 1 night driver, lgv class 1 weekend driver and more. If you want to drive an ambulance or a removals truck, you can book our category c1 training. Our training course will help you learn the skills required to drive large vans and other larger vehicles safely. You will need to be able to manoeuvre bigger vehicles with confidence and safety. Based in fareham in hampshire and covering, portsmouth, southampton, bournemouth, winchester, basingstoke, newbury and surrounding areas, we strive for perfection in driving tuition. Ambulance driver training initial ambulance driver course. A van or truck that has a gross vehicle weight between 3500kg and 7500kg. When an ambulance is loaded with equipment and patients it often falls between 3.

The fact is you dont need anywhere near that amount of time to drive a vehicle the size of an ambulance. Pass the category c1 practical driving test in order to apply for a role within the scottish ambulance service. The course is designed to suit the individual needs of each driver, an experienced driver may require less time. Due to the responsibilities involved in this career in association to becoming an ambulance driver that is either nonmedical or medical there are specific qualifications. In order to become an ambulance driver you must first pass the required driving tests in categories c1 7. Ajm transport training for c1 ambulance driver training, c1 courses, c1 paramedic training, 7. A category c1 licence will entitle you to drive a lorry of over 3,500kg up to 7,500kg. Funding is available for the courses below from sds for those that meet the funding criteria. Somax accredited driver training somax driver cpc, lgv. Covering milton keynes, buckinghamshire and northamptonshire. Hgv training courses bristol, lgv training courses bristol. Some companys use a bigger one,but the test only requires a 4 tonne vehicle. Working within our specialist transport service either as a solo driver or as part of a double crewed ambulance. Ambulance driver training courses in suffolk and norfolk.

Ajm transport training for hgv lgv c1 ambulance paramedic. Ambulance driver training c1 licence courses starts at only. This is the category of the licence that you require if you are going to work in the ambulance service. Find your new job at the best companies now hiring in the uk. Lgv c1 ambulance and paramedic driver training courses in. A place to help with all those pre course worries and concerns. C1 is the category that allows you to drive a vehicle over 3,500kg up to a maximum of 7,500kg. Ambulance c1 driver training courses hgv driver training. Kim is professional, approachable and knew exactly what i needed from her.

C1 ambulance driver training archives traindrive driver. The c1 category of license is also ideal for horse transportation. Our courses are suitable for private individuals, medical students looking to become an ambulance driver, paramedic or any nhs patient transport role. Go bananas driver trainng, driving me bananas driving school, driven bananas. Level 3 certificate in emergency response ambulance driving qcf. We offer hgv training in bristol that is comprehensive and effective.

Whether its to become an ambulance technician or a paramedic, its important to have a licence that can do the job. Please see below the current price list for the listed courses, jan 18. The uks best intensive van driving training courses revealed. We deliver towing, c1, d1 minibus, hgv driver training, class 1 and class 2. C1 driver training swindon, wiltshire and gloucestershire. C1 driver training course exeter devon nhs paramedic training in devon. Welcome to western driver training, we are the local specialists in delivering hgv, lgv, pcv, cpc driver training in bristol, weston super mare, swindon, and the south west area. For the c1 you will be required to hold the provisional entitlement on your licence.

However if you require only a category c1 driving licence, for example to drive an emergency services ambulance etc, then an ambulance sized vehicle can be supplied for your training and test. You can gain your c1 licence by successfully enrolling and completing a c1 training program with pure driving. We produce safe, careful, considerate and skilled drivers who go on to be assets to their respective employers whether they become ambulance drivers, lgv drivers. All our trainers are ex emergency services driver trainers with the experience and qualifications to deliver cat c1 licence driver training. Hgv lgv pcv cpc driver training in bristol and the south west. Our courses are delivered in the bristol test centre with fully qualified dsa instructors as the taunton test centre is now closed. You will require a provisional cat c1 driving licence and pass the dsa theory tests before a practical training course and test can be conducted. Providing commercial driver training in berkshire since 2008. Locations the south west is a beautiful and diverse part of the country, it is a great place to live and work. From there, we move into more specialised training that deals with transporting patients. We deliver professional driver training courses and tests with a dvsa examiner onsite. Ambulance driver training c1 licence courses starts at. To become an ambulance driver you will need a minimum of a c1 licence due to the weight of the vehicle you will be driving. However we can still train the emergency services, tests are there for the ambulance, fire and police services as well as theory tests.

If a driver needs to drive a vehicle that weighs any greater than 3500kg they will require a c1 licence. Before starting one of our driving course we take into consideration your individual requirements and structure the course around you. The main aim of the course is to prepare for the test. Category c1 allows drivers to drive vehicles weighing between 3,500 and 7500kg with a trailer up to 750kg.

They also learn the driving skills required for the professional driving career. What you need to know about c1 ambulance driver training. Cat c1 ambulance fitted with a forwardfacing camera linked to a 24inch tv in the rear so the rear candidates have a full view of the training delivery, in addition there is a twoway intercom system fitting between the driver trainer in the front and the rear compartment. All our trainers are ex emergency services driver trainers with the experience and qualifications to. The lgv c1 entitlement enables drivers to drive vehicles up to 7. Ambulance driver training provided by pure driving will teach you how to drive and manoeuvre large vehicles safely. Ambulance driver training and courses pure driving school. Hgv training in bristol get your hgv licence with just. What you need to know about c1 ambulance driver training becoming a paramedic has often been described as an extremely stressful yet at the same time extremely rewarding job. I did my c1 training and test with her, passed first time.

Ambulance driver training, horse box training, lightmedium lgv. As everyone is aware no practical driving tests are available for the general. You will require a provisional cat c1 driving licence and pass the dsa theory tests before a practical training course and test can be. Ecas are trained in first aid to fpos intermediate, patient care skills, emergency ambulance driving ihcd d1d2, use of equipment and manual handling. Ambulance driving futurequals emergency response driver training ltd erdt futurequals level 3 award in patient care services.

Passing with on our vehicles will enable you to drive lgv c1 up to 7. If you just want van driving training for personal and nonprofessional purposes, that is perfectly fine as well. South western ambulance service nhs foundation trust provides accident and emergency services throughout the south west region. Ambulance driver training ambulance licence category c1. Next level driving ambulance, trailer training, caravan. She couldnt have done a better job and i wouldnt hesitate to tell. Why not bypass the c1 driver training and go straight for category c driver training. The one to one c1 training we provide enables drivers to drive vehicles that weigh no more than 7500kg. Be sure to ask about cpc training if you intend to use your category c1 licence to look for a job as a professional. This includes small lorries, trucks, and of course, ambulances. C1 driver training the reason why is because we have had a lot of enquires here at hgv driver training centre so i thought i would go in to this area in a bit more detail to help you all out and also to help people looking to become a paramedic driver know the ins and outs.

The driver training team are often the first members of staff new recruits come into contact with and the professionalism, pride and commitment of what they do embodies the trusts mission, vision and values, enabling staff to provide a patient. Category c1 class 3 lgv hgv horsebox ambulance driver training in ipswich, suffolk. Ambulance driver training ambulance driving licence. If you require forklift training, lgv hgv driver training, forklift instructor training, adr dangerous goods, transport manager cpc or driver cpc training in the leeds area, look no further than viamaster training ltd as your first choice. This weeks blog i have focused my attention on paramedic training e. Our ambulance training service is an evercomplete course that will teach you all you need to be a competent ambulance driver, we normally take learners through this for approximately a three day course. Ambulance driver medical dvla d4 medical examination. Whether you aspire to be a delivery truck driver or ambulance driver, we will help prepare you for your career. Our companys main aim is to focus on the dangers of driving on.

All of the students who pass through our doors learn all of the knowledge they need to be safe and successful drivers. The cat c1 ambulance driving licence allows its holder to drive any vehicle weighing up to 7. Lgv training london new wave driving school 0% interest. Many companies that provide c1 driver training have their roots in lorry driver training, meaning they default to offering a 3, 4 or even 5 day course for a c1 licence too. Lgv c1 ambulance and paramedic driver training courses from trailer training uk in southampton, eastleigh, winchester, hampshire, dorset,wiltshire. Pass a theory and hazard perception test prior to your. To become an ambulance driver you will need to have advanced driving skills. Kim driver training reading hgv lgv commercial driver. C1 paramedic training to become a paramedic you must complete an ambulance driver training course which allows you to drive patients to hospital in emergencies. Truk driver training offers both ambulance and paramedic driver lgv c1 and pcv d1 driving courses depending on the type of vehicle you are looking to driver. Examples include ambulances, parcel delivery trucks, horsebox lorries and small trucks. Compact and easy to handle, makes negotiating driving hazards easy, especially with good all round visibility, hydraulic brakes and other car.

The lgv c1 ambulance driving licence is required to drive most emergency ambulances. We train all drivers regardless of their future plans. Our category c1 driving licence course will prepare you to pass the dvsa category c1 driving test. You must follow the procedures specified in the cat c1 section and meet the minimum age restrictions. We offer both lgv c1 and pcv d1 ambulance driver training courses to enable individuals to drive an ambulance or a passenger transport vehicle minibus. C1 ambulance driver training scotland home facebook. Minibus falkrik, bus lessons glasgow, c1 dunfermline, category c1 aberdeen, bus training newcastle, c1 courses london, minibus tuition east lothian, c1 test west lothian, minibus training lanarkshire, c1 minibus training perth, c1 driving test dundee, minibus training scotland.

This allows for 3 hours of onetoone training with the candidate each day. With an lgv cat c1 licence you can drive any ambulance or other vehicle weighing between 3500kg and 7500kg a standard emergency ambulance. On completion of our ambulance training, you will receive a c1 licence and a good grounding. Driver cpc training delivered from our backwell, westonsupermare and flax bourton classrooms as well as on customer premises. Simply bring your licence and leave the rest to us. Most vehicles in the ambulance service require the c1 licence. This training begins with the basic category c1 training necessary for obtaining the appropriate licence. Taunton training centre, based at the halfway inn in westonzoyland road in bridgwater. In most cases it is a requirement to have passed your category c1 licence due to the weight and size of the vehicle in question. Prices funding available commercial transport training. With your pcv cat d1 licence you can carry 8 passengers, and this means you can drive the sort of vehicle you might need for doing nonemergency work where you carry multiple passengers at a time. Yeovil driver training just want to say a massive thank you to andy elliot for training me through to a pass with 1 driver fault, would 100% recommend yeovil driver training to anyone who is thinking of doing the. Paramedic driver training, bridgwater taunton training centre. The category c1 licence, enables you to drive an ambulance in the uk.

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